House Support


Supporting a house at its existing height instead of lifting it can be a very good option in some situations.

The most common reasons for supporting your house at its present height, are possible height to boundary restrictions and it may not always be desirable to develop the entire sub floor space when you only need a small part of your foundation replaced but the rest of the house, additions or sections are fine and do not need lifting.

Affordable Foundations Ltd can support part or all of your structure while your project is being completed underneath.

House Support North Shore - In ProgressWe support your structure very carefully on steel beams and house lifting sty blocks enabling you to continue living upstairs with minimal disruption to day to day life.

Once your house has been supported and/or lifted on lifting sty blocks and steel beams to cause the least amount of stress to your building, Affordable Foundations Ltd will then excavate beneath your house.

Our staff are experts in digging underneath buildings and excavating for your basement development we remove the earth or old foundation debris from the site.

The site is profiled, a slab is laid, block walls or wooden framing is erected then the house is lowered onto the new basement.