Concrete Slab

Concrete slabConcrete Slabs:

With a conventional concrete slab, the site is profiled and excavated the footings marked out and formed or boxed, once inspected, the footings are then poured.

The block layer lays the blocks which are then inspected.   The hard fill or metal is then placed and compacted ready for the damp proof polythene and the steel reinforcing and mesh is then fixed in place.

We are now ready for our final inspection before pouring the slab and the boxing stripped and removed. The expansion cuts are then made in the concrete.

Ribraft:Ribraft Floor Slab

The Ribraft floor slab is a new system which provides you with an insulated floor.

The process is repeated as before although in most cases a Ribraft floor offers benefits in respect of structural integrity and insulation, which being particularly beneficial with Geo-technically challenging sites.