1. What do I need Council Approval for?
Restricted building works. For A Guide to Building Work that does not require a building consent Click Here >>

2. Do you just lift & support my builder will do the rest?
Our service covers work from relevelling a property to full basement development.

3. How long have you been in business?
30 years.

4. What are the advantages/disadvantages between relevelling and repiling?
Relevelling is short term whereas repiling is long term.

5. What are all the services/products you provide?

  • Full or partial house support.
  • All associated earthworks for excavation and landscaping, we have diggers, trucks and a halitrax (bobcat) enabling us to do all the earthworks required.
  • On site repositioning for cross lease or subdivision
  • Full building and construction of basement development

6. Do you offer specialism in any particular field?
We tend to specialise in lifting and supporting a dwelling ready for development

7. What areas do you service?
We service all areas from Hamilton in the south through to Wellsford north of Auckland and the Coromandal

8. How long have you been in business for? / How long have you been in the industry?
I have been self employed for thirty years and have been lifting, repiling and removing buildings for twenty-seven years.

9. Are you a member of any trade associations?
I am a fully Licensed Building Practitioner with the Auckland City Council, and have also held a Gold Card Licence for building removal in Australia.

10. Why should someone choose you over your competitors?
Choosing our company over our completion will ensure honest and personal involvement from the beginning to end from myself, due to my hands on approach to every aspect of the building development.

11. Are there any unique advantages to your products and services?
The main and very specific advantage in choosing to employ my services involves the lifting and support of the building due to our use of full length beams offering a superior support structure to the building resulting in less remedial repair at the end of the project.

12. Do you have a company catchphrase, slogan or motto?
Our motto is always to treat the building as if it is our own.

13. Who is your typical customer/what market do you want the listing to target?
Our typical customers are usually recent property purchasers looking to redevelop the dwelling or property developers looking to relocate a building for subdivision, or families who have out grown the family home and decide to extend the property rather than move.

14. Are you a small, medium or large organisation?
We are a small organisation offering a personal and professional service.